Gav Byrne Feat. The 49ers and Bodhilynn – One More Chance

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New track by Gav Byrne feat. The 49ers and Bodhilynn called “One More Chance” from Gav Byrne’s upcoming album.



Poldoore – The Day Off (2014)

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Cold Busted returns to familiar label artist Poldoore to release his new album, The Day Off. It features some talented guests, including the mysterious Maverick, emcee duo The 49ers, American blues singer Bodhilynn, and trumpeter Will Magid.

Based out of Belgium, Poldoore started producing at an early age and eventually his potential was realized by Cold Busted’s offer to release his debut L.A.X. EP . From there the pairing has only grown stronger. Poldoore’s sound is about good vibes, creating warm atmospheres that blend funk, soul, lounge, and reggae with punchy drum breaks.

Among the album’s many highlights is “Morning Glory,” featuring a rocksteady beat with bright arpeggiated synths at select moments, with the bulk of the track carried by wailing guitars and chopped up blues vocals. “Ahhh Yeah” enters like a walk in the park with bright keys, lovely strings, and funky rhythms, the results of rearranging an original sample into suitable bits and pieces with a little help from Maverick. “Heard It All Before” has Bodhilynn’s soulful vocal hook accompanied by The 49ers’ rhymes and a key-based beat with soaring highs. “Natural High” elicits psychedelic vibes with plenty of effects, a sporadic, low electric shock, and interwoven, layered guitar play. “Unconditional” uses a Motown-like backing track beefed up by a strong kick and slow, sizzling hats, cymbals, and snares. Midway through “Unconditional” Poldoore is joined by Will Magid’s saucy, bayou-evoking horn solo. “Call It A Day” is a dreamy funk affair full of shimmery, echoing melodies, teetering guitars, forward-staggering key stabs, and a stand out bass line.

The Day Off is full of sonic sunshine, exactly the kind of sonic weather fit for enjoying what little time there is for leisure and much appreciated in today’s musical climate.

1. Poldoore – Morning Glory (3:38)
2. Poldoore – Sweet Memories Feat. Awon & DJ Damented (3:49)
3. Poldoore – Faithful Man (3:07)
4. Poldoore – Same Number, Same Hood (3:05)
5. Poldoore – Ahhh Yeah Feat. Maverick (3:25)
6. Poldoore – Sunny Side Up (2:03)
7. Poldoore – Heard It All Before Feat. The 49ers & Bodhilynn (3:13)
8. Poldoore – Natural High (2:25)
9. Poldoore – Unconditional Feat. Will Magid (4:34)
10. Poldoore – Nothing Left To Say (Remix) (3:16)
11. Poldoore – Call It A Day (4:35)

You can download the album or purchase the album on vinyl, that’s right folks, the whole album can be purchased on vinyl. 

To purchase the album hit up —> RIGHT HERE <—

Marchitect – Where I’m going (Official PV)

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Marchitect of The 49ers drops a new video called “Where I’m Going.” The video was shot in Yokohama, Japan and off his solo album called Marc My Words.

A June & J beat – Dreamer (2013)

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A June & J Beat, aka Link6, release their anticipated album titled Dreamer. The album is available on CD and also online around the world. The album features The 49ers, Nieve, Substantial, Noah King, LHA, CL , and others. The album has a chill vibe with mellow-jazzy tracks and ill lyrics for you to vibe out to. Hit up their BandCamp page for the download!

A June & J Beat BandCamp ——-> Click Here <————


1. What’s the Drill (Feat. CL aka Chaotic Lynk)
2. Do You Know (Feat. Doc Whisper)
3. Puppy Love (Feat. The GonNita)
4. Good Company (Feat. Substantial)
5. Hard 2 Get (Midnight Blue Version) (Feat. Jas Mace)
6. We Doin’ This for U (Feat. Epic of CBR)
7. Faceless (Feat. Klidedabeast)
8. Fade Away (Feat. Adikkal of LHA)
9. Livin’ in the Sky (Feat. Nieve, Noah King, & StreetSound)
10. Gratefull (Remix) (Feat. Substantial)
11. Good Company (Instrumental)
12. We Doin’ This for U (Instrumental)
13. Faceless (Instrumental)
14. Fade Away (Instrumental)
15. Livin’ in the Sky (Instrumental)
16. Dreamer (Feat. Z-O)

Behind the Scenes with The 49ers

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Marchitect – KILLEMCEEZ4FUN (Official PV)

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Who got bars? Marchitect does that’s who.

Illusionist – The Uplift (2013)

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The Uplift

The 49ers are featured on Illusionist’s debut album called The Uplift. Awon and The 49ers finally have a chance to link up together on a track called “Fresh Rhymes.” Illusionist brings some headnod beats for the featured artists on this producer album. The album is short and sweet with only 7 tracks, but provides much replay value. Did I forget to mention it’s a FREE release?

To download for free visit Illusionist’s Bandcamp page —-> Click Here <—-


1. Don’t You Doubt Me (feat. Nieve & Dj Nasa)
2. Fresh Rhymes (feat. The 49ers & Awon)
3. Tomorrow Not Guaranteed (feat. windchILL & Dj Nasa)
4. Easy Does It (feat. Tiff The Gift)
5. I Need You (feat. Noah King)
6. Assassin’s Creed (feat. Awon)
7. Devil’s Shoulder (feat. KRBL Rebel Radio)


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