2mo’key – Pieces of the World (2014)

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The 49ers are featured on 2mo’key’s latest album called Pieces of the World. The 49ers and 2mo’key have collaborated together many times in the past and this is just a continuation of their mutual respect and love for music. The 49ers are featured on “We Got Soul” and “Backwords.” The last time The 49ers and 2mo’key kicked it in Japan they recorded a video for “Backwords,” which is available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube (and below). Also featured on the album is Steph Pockets and Seilen with production by DJ Ezasscul, Avens, Thomas Prime, Soulchef, and DJ Kawauso among others. This is authentic Hip-Hop with a Japanese orator. Make sure you check it out!


1. Pieces of the World – Into
2. Wake Up
3. We Got Soul (feat. The 49ers)
4. Music (feat. Steph Pockets)
5. The Light
6. Brand New Day
7. ナツノセイ
8. Love for Life
9. コーヒーにはシュガーを
10. Summer Jam (feat. Seilen)
11. Friday Night Blues
12. Backwords (feat. The 49ers)

V.A. – Healin’ in the City Night – Moon River (2014)

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The 49ers are featured on the compilation album released in Korea called Healin’ in the City Night – Moon River. The song is called “One More Chance” (No Biggie) and also features the songstress Bhodi Lynn. It was originally recorded for Hangman and made it’s way to the Korean compilation album. Most of the beats are produced by A June & J Beat, but also have guest features and producers. Nice jazzy vibes to kickback and vibe out to. Check out the track list below.

01. BDoss – The Lust 3
02. The49ers – One More Chance (Feat. Bhodi Lynn) (Prod by Hangman)
03. JonWonder – Sick For Love
04. Kaleo – Us
05. DJ SoulClap – Change (Feat.Punch Line)
06. AZiTiZ – Moving On (Prod. A June & J Beat)
07. Charaf’s – G-Funk party
08. P.R – Coming Home (Feat. Carla Waye)
09. A June & J Beat – Blame me
10. WonderFlow – The Weekend (prod. by Hazey82)

Marchitect – Everything (Official PV)

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Check out the new video by The 49ers’ Marchitect – Everything

Poldoore – Heard It All Before (The Remixes) (2014)

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Cold Busted and Poldoore release a new single album of our collaboration “Heard It All Before,” but this time with crazy remixes by Freddie Joachim, Maverick, Singularis, & Akshin Alizadeh.

Head over to their site and get the downloads –> Cold Busted Store

Track List

  1. Heard It All Before Feat. The 49ers & Bodhilynn (Freddie Joachim Remix)
  2. Heard It All Before Feat. The 49ers & Bodhilynn (Maverick Remix)
  3. Heard It All Before Feat. The 49ers & Bodhilynn (Singularis Remix)
  4. Heard It All Before Feat. The 49ers & Bodhilynn (Akshin Alizadeh Remix)
  5. Heard It All Before Feat. The 49ers & Bodhilynn (Dub)

A. June & J. Beat – A. June & J. Beat (2014)

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A. June & J. Beat re-release their debut album in Japan on Introducing Records! as a self-titled album. The album features many artist such as The 49ers, Nieve, Noah King, StreetSound, Doc Whisper, Landon Wordswell, Cl, and others. If you’re a fan of jazzy Hip-Hop, which we know you are, make sure you check this one out.

Track List

1. Livin’ In The Sky ft. Nieve, Noah King & StreetSound
2. Do You Know ft. Doc Whisper
3. Self Reflection ft. Landon Wordswell
4. Blazin’ ft. CL
5. Good Company ft. Substantial
6. Season In The Sun
7. Hard 2 Get ft. Jas Mace of The 49ers
8. See What I’m Saying ft. Substantial
9. Like A Young Miles Davis
10. Fade Away ft. Adikkal of LHA
11. Like A Young Fats Waller
12. Faceless ft. Klidedabeast
13. Like A Young John Coltrane ft. DJ Tiz
14. Alone Again
15. Puppy Love ft. The GonNita

The 49ers – #FLIGHTCLUB The Documentary

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Check out some footage of The 49ers during their 2013 tour of Japan!

Marchitect – Genki (2014)

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Yaheard Records presents the new Marchitect EP Genki. Marchitect and first time collaborator but long time friend Shrimp recorded the album in a hotel in Tokyo initially (while Marchitect was touring Japan with his popular Hip Hop group The 49ers which features Jas Mace), before mixing and touching the tracks up in the United States.

Genki features, smooth musical beds on top of hard hitting drums. Marchitect adds clever lyrics, and melodic flows to bring it all together musically. When asked about the title Marchitect said “Genki in Japanese means great, supreme, healthy. It’s when you’re feeling really good and nothing can get you down, it became my favorite word on tour.”

To download the album —> CLICK HERE <—


1. Genkitro
2. My Brain
3. Genki
4. Genkilude
5. Narita (I’m Back)
6. All Up In The Game (Pt. 2)
7. Future Flows (Feat. Jas Mace)


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