Think Twice & David Ryshpan – Jazz Carnival (2009)

The 49ers are featured on Think Twice and David Ryshpan’s new collaboration album called “Jazz Carnival.” Think Twice was a major contributor for production of The 49ers last album “The Ultrasound.” The 49ers love working with Think Twice because their style of Hip-Hop music is very similar. This makes the lyrics and concepts flow beautifully like the rapid waters over the Niagara Falls. Think Twice will also be featured on The 49ers’ next album release scheduled for the summer of 2010. Jazz Carnival was first released in the UK, and a special edition is now released in Japan. The three songs featured on the album are called:

1. Get Away (Feat. Goldenboy)
2. Bye-Bye (Feat. Schubert)
3. When the Smoke Clears (Feat. Coates & Goldenboy)

Jas Mace, Goldenboy, Think Twice, Marchitect

The 49ers first met Think Twice when they performed together in Japan at the Daikanyama Unit in 2007. Ever since then they have been collaborating making that great Hip-Hop music you expect from each artist.

The first collaboration The 49ers did with Think Twice was for his “Rock to this Beat” Album and the song was called They Don’t Know.

The 49ers and Think Twice linked up again for The 49ers last album “The Ultrasound.” Think Twice produced the lead off single featuring Thurro called Problems.

Stay tuned as there is more music and collaborations to be made by Think Twice and The 49ers.


~ by The 49ers on November 28, 2009.

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