Re:plus – Everlasting Truth (2010)

The 49ers are featured on Re:plus’ first full length album called Everlasting Truth. The song is called “Imagine” and debuted at #1 on the Japanese iTunes Hip-Hop charts.

“Imagine” was recorded while The 49ers were on tour in Japan last summer. They met Re:plus at Noah Sound Studio in Shibuya and had instant chemistry. Jas Mace remembers the day they recorded the song, “I was writing my verse right before we left for the studio. We were in the hotel room overlooking the Asahi Beer Tower in Asakusa and the river that flows right below. I just thought how privileged and honored I was to be in Japan, writing that song for Re:plus’ album. It was a beautiful view and great experience.”

Jas Mace’s balcony view that inspired his verse on Imagine

Jas Mace also recalls another memorable moment while recording the song, “It was great working with Re:plus. They are such talented producers. It’s funny though, I remember recording the song and there was a punk band in the room next to us going crazy on the drums. It was something like I have never heard before. The drummer was wailing away keeping perfect tempo for at least 30 minutes, non-stop. We peaked over the window and was amazed to see a female punk band practicing for one of their upcoming gigs. Man, I wish I had the number of that drummer. A 49ers collaboration with her would be great! haha.

The 49ers are currently talking to Re:plus for production on their upcoming album scheduled to be released at the end of the year. The two groups will certainly bless you with more great collaborations in the future!


~ by The 49ers on February 27, 2010.

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