“Do You Know” Video Shoot

This past weekend The 49ers were shooting for their next video. The song is called “Do You Know” and will be the first single off their next album. The song is produced by SoulChef and features Dj Slice on the turntables. The video is directed by Video Myke, who is the same director of the “Breath of Fresh Air” and “Problems” videos. The video was filmed at various locations in Philadelphia, PA. The video will be debuting soon so stay tuned!!!

This photo was taken at the Philadelphia International Airport. We were trying to be quick and discreet before the TSA came and kicked us off the premises. But, we actually spent a great deal of time in the airport without any problems. I don’t know if that is a good or a bad thing. haha. We were there very early and before the morning rush of flights.

The 49ers getting involved with some of the directing. We actually returned to some of the same spots from our photo shoot for “State of the Art.”

While shooting the video, we ran into Yuki and Yoshiie who were vacationing in Philly from Japan. They are now 49ers fans for life!

Just a few screen shots live on location!!!

When we were finished, there were .49 cents beers for The 49ers!


~ by The 49ers on March 24, 2010.

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