Jas Mace Escapes to Japan

On a last-minute decision I decided to take a flight to Japan to discuss some 49er business with labels and DJs, and also meet up with friends. In particular I wanted to surprise 2Mo’key (of Stillamode) for his birthday. Since many of the rappers and promoters know each other in Tokyo, while setting up the meetings I had  to go through great pains to keep it a secret for a few days. When I finally arrived in Tokyo I was quit surprised myself because it was very cold and windy during the entire trip. Back home I was being told that it was in the 70s! Nonetheless, it was well worth it as I made some great connections with producers and DJs, met some great people, and surprised a good friend of mine for his birthday.

Moto, 2Mo’key, and Jas Mace in Shibuya

2Mo’key, Jas Mace, DJ Yasu, and Moto at an Izakaya

A view of Tokyo Tower from my hotel in Shinagawa

My first night in Tokyo I was invited by Yoshi Nakamatsu to be a guest performer for an event he was having at Daikanyama Loop. I arrived in Tokyo around 5:30 P.M. and had to rush from the hotel to arrive at Loop before 10:00 P.M. I was cutting it very close to say the least. The name of the event was called SEEDS and the concept was about making the best out of bad situations and planning for the future. Yoshi always has great concepts for his songs and events and I was honored to be invited as a guest to perform during his live.

Yoshi Nakamatsu’s band and Jas Mace

Jas Mace and Yoshi

After the show photo at Loop

For the rest of the week I was busy handling business for The 49ers trying to lock down producers for the next album and also distribution. I got to meet the chief A&R and owner of Libyus Records – Masakazu Takeuchi. We talked about working together on future projects between Libyus Records, The 49ers, and their artists. The meeting was a great success and it was a pleasure to meet with such a kind and like-minded individual. I also found out that Masakazu will be featured on 2Mo’key’s solo album being released before the end of the year! Who knew he was a rapper also!

Takeuchi Masakazu and Jas Mace

I also got to meet with DJ Ryo and his brother Takafumi from Progress + Nude + Crew. They recently released an album called Sensualizmusic. We talked about working together on some future projects. In fact, the first thing we did when I returned to the U.S. was record a song called I Wish to one of Hiro AKA Melodiverse beats. Hiro is the producer for Progress + Nude + Crew. Look out for that track featured on our next album!

Takafumi, DJ Ryo, and Jas Mace

On my final day in Japan I met with a great producer by the name of LEMS. We talked about future projects together for some of his upcoming albums, as well as our latest album that is to be released by the end of the year. Our current CD is mostly produced by Soulchef, which is why for the rest of the tracks we want to feature Japanese producers such as LEMS. Having LEMS featured on the album will be a great addition to the new album! We are also talking to Re:plus, DJ Okawari, and Tsunenori. I know you will all love the next album!

Jas Mace and LEMS

The 49ers all sold out in HMV Shibuya

I was hoping to see Sakura in full bloom before I left Japan; however, the cold weather delayed the cherry trees from blossoming by a few days. As a result, I didn’t get to see them in full bloom; however, I did get to see a few before they reached their peek. It was still a beautiful site.

Sakura at Chidorigafuchi

More Sakura at Chidorigafuchi

– Jas


~ by The 49ers on April 10, 2010.

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