Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal – RIP GURU

The 49ers would like to take this time out to pay their respect to a Hip-Hop legend – GURU – who passed away after losing his battle against cancer. The 49ers would like to give our deepest and most sincere condolences to the Elam family. Guru and Gangstarr have influenced not only the sound of The 49ers, but the sound of Hip-Hop music. Guru was a gifted lyricist that mastered the art of dropping knowledge on a track without making it sound like a rapper was preaching to you. His voice is immediately recognizable from the first word , and will forever be an imprint on Hip-Hop music. Your memory will live on through your music and family.

When asked what is your favorite Guru track, Jas Mace didn’t hesitate to announce “Who’s Going to Take the Weight.” Jas Mace explains, “I remember growing up listening to Gang Starr. When I first heard Who’s Going to Take the Weight I was amazed. From the moment the song comes on with the high pitch sample and the Malcolm X  speech, it just grabs you in. Finally, when Guru starts his verse with the smoothest voice in Hip-Hop since Big Daddy Kane, at that point if you haven’t lost your mind and aren’t totally in tune with what you were listening to you, I can’t really consider you a true Hip-Hop fan.”

“I was raised like a Muslim
Prayin’ to the East
Nature of my life relates rhymes I release
like a cannon
Cuz I been plannin’ to be rammin’ what I wrote
straight on a plate down your throat”

– Guru “Who’s Going to Take the Weight”

RIP to the legendary Keith Elam AKA Guru!


~ by The 49ers on April 20, 2010.

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