The 49ers To Work With LEMS and Laidbook

Within the past week The 49ers have been working with two extraordinary producers from Japan. On Thursday we recorded a track produced by LEMS for our up coming project called Musaic. The album is to be released by the end of 2010. The song also features on the chorus a talented up and coming singer/songwriter from Japan named Acharu. Her debut album is called Nasty and charted at #2 on iTunes Hip-Hop charts in Japan. Below is one of my favorite songs by Acharu and is produced by LEMS. Also, you get a glimps at LEMS’ style of production as he opens up his techniques to the world while he is constructing the beat for our next album – Musaic.

LEMS – Touch The Sky (Feat. Acharu)

LEMS Constructing His Beat For The 49ers

Today, Tuesday July 5th, we worked with Shingo Suzuki who is also a member of the super production team Laidbook of Origami Productions. They are working on their next album called Laidbook Vol. 12 and The 49ers will be one of the featured artists. The song is called “Whatchutalkinbout” and the song will surely be stuck in your head for days to come! We are really excited to be working with Laidbook and Origami Productions, as we have always enjoyed their style of jazzy, yet head-nod production. Below is one of my favorite songs called “I Only Want You” and features our good friends Think Twice and Shubert.

Laidbook – I Only Want You (Feat. Think Twice & Schubert)

– Jas

~ by The 49ers on July 6, 2010.

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