Am 7- Am 7 (2010)

The 49ers are featured on AM 7’s (Tsunenori) new remix album called AM 7. The album features a remix of two 49ers songs: “Imagine” and “Money Talks.”

“Imagine” was originally on Re:plus’ debut album called Everlasting Truth. Am 7’s remix of the Re:Plus classic gives the song a whole new feel. While the tempo is the same, the new drum pattern and piano riff gives the song a more uptempo and dramatic feeling; something completely different from the original.

“Money Talks” was originally going to be released on SoulChef’s upcoming album; however, the song didn’t make the final cut. So rather than wasting a great concept, Am 7 hooked up a completely new version that is much more orchestrated than the original. The violins and piano add a more sentimental feeling to the concept, and blend well with the message and story of each verse.

Also featured on the album is El Da Sensei, Pismo, Hus, 1773, and Jazzy Ivy.

Check out the sampler below!


~ by The 49ers on August 31, 2010.

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