Day 2: “Blind Man See” Video Shoot

Last week was the final day for the video shoot of SoulChef’s “Blind Man See (Feat. The 49ers).”   During this shoot we rented out a lounge (Shout out to the French Quarter)  in Wilmington, Delaware. In the video we are playing a double role as performers on the stage and in the audience trying to kick it to the female that we are with. Right now we are editing the video and it should be ready to go shortly…stay tuned for the release! In the meantime, check out some photos from the video shoot!

The 49ers

Blind Man See storyboard

The 49ers rockin’ out with DJ Mech

Jas Mace ready to shoot

Marchitect and Video Myke

Also, check out some of the shots from day one by clicking here ——–> Day 1: “Blind Man See” Video Shoot


~ by The 49ers on November 10, 2010.

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  1. […]  For photos from the second day of the video shoot, click here ———-> Day 2: “Blind Man See” Video Shoot […]

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