SoulChef – Escapism (2010)

The 49ers are featured on two songs off of SoulChef’s debut album called Escapism. The title of the tracks are “Wanted” and “Blind Man See.” The 49ers are also featured on the song called, “Franki Valli.” This is a reunion song from the legendary Delaware Hip-Hop conglomerate – The Outfit. The one responsible for creating this group in the 90’s, and also rapping on the song, is none other than’s CEO Grouchy Greg Watkins.

Below is the tracklist for the album:

1.Drifting In A Daydream (feat. Need Not Worry)
2.When I Close My Eyes (feat. Tunji)
3.Franki Valli (feat. The Outfit)
4.Eyes Like Blue Skies (feat. Need Not Worry)
5.Away With Me (feat. Nicholas Smalc)
6.What You Rappin’ For (feat. Nieve)
7.Wanted (feat. The 49ers)
8.Say Somethin’ (feat. Nieve, Noah King, Adub & Tunji)
9.Oh No (feat. Hydroponikz)
10.I Just Wanna See (feat. KO The Knockout)
11.Tonight (feat. Deep Foundation & Ashley Robles)
12.First Class (feat. Nicholas Smalc)
13.Blunt Love (feat. The Black Sunn)
14.Write This Down (feat. Nieve)
15.The Rest Of My Life (feat. Awon & Tif The Gift)
16.Blind Man See (feat. The 49ers)


~ by The 49ers on November 16, 2010.

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