Inherit – Pledge to the Music (2011)

The 49ers, along with long time collaborator Thurro, are featured on Inherit’s new album called Pledge to the Music. The song is called “Midnight Mirage” and is about meeting a beautiful woman who appears out of nowhere as a godess in the distance. But just as quick as she appears, she is gone like a midnight mirage.

The track listing with additional features is provided below.

  1. Intro
  2. So Sweet (Feat. Nieve)
  3. Midnight Mirage (Feat. The 49ers & Thurro)
  4. Magic Moment
  5. Chase (Feat. AFRA)
  6. Going Places (Feat. Tunji)
  7. Night Owl
  8. Hype Control
  9. Allegiance (Feat. John Robinson)
  10. Stimulus
  11. Ain’t that the Feeling (Feat. The KBC)
  12. Get Live (Feat. Shawn Jackson)
  13. Voice of Rain

~ by The 49ers on March 8, 2011.

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