The 49ers – Musaic (2011)

Musaic is The 49ers’ 4th studio album and is released through Libyus Music. The album features production by SoulChef, LEMS, Think Twice, Hiro aka Melodiverse, Funtasma, and Marchitect. It has many guest features as well, such as special appearances by 2mo’Key, Ray Law, Roshi, Tribeca, DJ Chika, DJ Slice, DJ Yasu, Robert Maletick, Acharu, Thurro, and Hajar. If you buy  the album outside of Japan or through, there is a special bonus track. The song is called iGotcha and is produced by Funtasma (The Sun & Sophisticated Freaks).

01. Intro
02. Brother’s Keeper
03. Do You Know?! (feat. DJ Slice)
04. I Wish
05. We’re Live (feat. DJ Yasu)
06. We Get Drunk
07. Another 49 Hours
08. In The Zone (feat. 2mo’Key & DJ Chika)
09. Every Body Needs Somebody
10. I Don’t Know Why (feat. Thurro & Hajar)
11. Dreamin’
12. More Than Friends
13. This Goes Out To You (feat. Ray-Law, Roshi, & DJ Slice)
14. Reminisce (feat. Acharu & Tribeca)
15. iGotcha (Bonus Track)


~ by The 49ers on April 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “The 49ers – Musaic (2011)”

  1. […] preview the instrumental version of ‘In The Zone’ by The 49ers, off the album ‘Mosaic‘. Keep your eyes and ears on Bluebottle Records as SoulChef will be releasing his upcoming […]

  2. […] „Musaic” to czwarty album nagrany przez grupę. Longplay został wydany tym razem przez Libyus Music i ujrzał światło dzienne 27 kwietnia 2011 roku. Produkcją albumu zajęli się SoulChef, LEMS, Think Twice, Hiro aka Melodiverse, Funtasma i Marchitect. Ponadto, LP obfituje w gościnne występy artystów, znajdziemy tutaj 2mo’Keya, Raya Law, Roshiego, Tribecę, DJ’a Chika, DJ’a Slice’a, DJ Yasu, Roberta Maleticka, Acharu, Thurro i Hajara. Natomiast w taki oto sposób podsumowuje krążek Marchitect: […]

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