The Outfit – The Soundtrack to Life Re-release!!!

The Soundtrack to Life is the only full-length release by The Outfit. The group was a conglonmerate of emcees and childhood friends from Newark, Delaware. It included such emcees as Jas Mace and Marchitect of The 49ers,’s CEO Grouchy Greg Watkins, Mr. Saturday, Harun Karim, Drew Basement, Assassinate, Herb Neal the Icon, DJ Massey, Cybersentinel, and SDINK (MMA fighter Din Thomas). It consists of a raw, yet playful variety of lyrics, and is heavily influenced by late 90s production styles with live instrumentation included.

The Outfit released three 12″ singles and a full length album on Oblique Recordings, a label that was also created by Grouchy Greg Watkins. The first 12″ was released in 1995 and featured “Beauty of the Week” b/w “3 Mics, 2 Marks, and 1 Jas” and spent many weeks on top of the college radio charts. In 1997, The Outfit released their second 12″ that featured the songs “Why I Don’t Know”/”Day In, Night Out” b/w “The Outfit Presents”/”Rise and Shine.” Their final 12″ release was in 1999 and featured the singles “Outta Sight” b/w “The Telephone.” In 1999, The Outfit finally released their first and only full length album called The Soundtrack to Life.

The album was previously only available on CD, and since there were only a few copies available the CD was sort of like a rare commodity selling for over $100.00 on However, now the album is available on iTunes and many other sites that offer digital downloads for only $10.00. Download your copy now and listen to some of the earliest recordings of Jas Mace and Marchitect.

Click here for The Outfit on CDbaby ——> The Soundtrack to Life (CDbaby)
Click here for The Outfit on iTunes ——-> The Soundtrack to Life (iTunes)


~ by The 49ers on May 5, 2011.

One Response to “The Outfit – The Soundtrack to Life Re-release!!!”

  1. […] do sprzedaży 12 lat temu nakła­dem Oblique Record­ings (przed kilkoma dni­ami The 49ers ogłosiło reedy­cję płyty). Paradok­sal­nie, pier­wszy long­play The Out­fit okazał się zarazem ostat­nim […]

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