Reminisce Video Shoot

A few weeks ago we started shooting a video for Reminisce, which features LEMS on production, Acharu on the chorus, and Tribeca as a guest emcee. We wanted to capture a summertime feel and incorporate the beach, since as a child we often went there. Delaware has many famous beaches so we decided to drive along the coast and get some timeless shots for the video. We wanted to get the sunrise, sunset, and Ocean City, Maryland’s boardwalk at night.

We also went out to the Bronx, NYC to shoot Tribeca’s verse. Tribeca’s hometown is right around the corner where Hip-Hop all started, so we thought it would be a disservice to Hip-Hop if Beca didn’t shoot his verse there. For those that don’t know, Tribeca is good friends with Ski, Sonny Cheeba, and Geechi Suede of Camp Lo. During his verse he discusses how they met and their journey together trying to make an impact on Hip-Hop music. On the way to Tribeca’s house we ran into none other than the legendary emcee Kool Kieth from The Ultramagnetic MCs. That was definitely a pleasant surprise.

Unfortunately, with LEMS and Acharu being in Japan, it was kind of tough to organize their shots for the video.  However, we are working on a new collaboration album together, which features The 49ers, Acharu, and the production team ZDW!?. ZDW!? consists of LEMS, Hazzy, Kaede, Sounguage, and Otokaze. We will definitely have some videos of all of us together for this album. The album will be released towards the end of the summer and available in record stores throughout Japan and across the internet worldwide.

Here are some pictures from the video shoot!


~ by The 49ers on June 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “Reminisce Video Shoot”

  1. noyoudidnot find kool keith in the midst of all that! keep doing wut U luv!

  2. I’m glad you guys are making a video for this track. That last picture looks like the tower in my hometown. I wish i knew you were there! This new album you’re working on sounds dope. Can’t wait to here it. Really feeling “Dock Ellis remix” too. Props!

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