Laidbook – Laidbook12 Different Cities Different Expressions (2011)

The 49ers are featured on Laidbook’s latest release called Laidbook12 Different Cities, Different Expressions and is scheduled to be released on September 7, 2011. The song is called “Whatchutalkinbout” and is about, you guessed it, what the heck do some of y’all be talking about??? lol. The album features many different artists from different parts of the globe: Canada, United States, Japan, France, and South Korea. If you love that J-Dilla style of production mixed with live instruments, then you will love Laidbook. You can hear the influence of Dilla, without the complete style jacking of many producers in the industry nowadays. Also featured on the album is Moka Only (Canada), Windy City (Korea), Twigy (Japan), Maru aka Fire Lily (Japan), Blanco Nice (France), Earns (France), and Ol’ K (Japan).

Laidbook is a very talented group of producers out of Japan, who also have albums as solo artists and with other groups. Laidbook makes up of Mabanua, Shingo Suzuki, 45 aka Swing-O, and Yukihiro Atsumi aka Thirdiq.  For all our Japanese speakers out there, make sure you check out their label’s website, Origami Productions at ——- > Origami Productions.

Check out the tracklisting!

1. Cloud Feat. Earns & Blanco Nice (Prod. by Shingo Suzuki)
2. Leave withou a Trace Feat. Ol’ K (Prod. by Shingo Suzuki)
3. Crowd Feat. Twigy & Moka Only (Prod. by Mabanua)
4. Whatchatalkinbout Feat. The 49ers (Prod. by Shingo Suzuki)
5. Multifacette Feat. Blanco Nice (Prod. by Shingo Suzuki)
6. I Hear the Music (of the Next World Remix) Feat. Maru aka Fire Lily (Prod. by Yukihiro Atsumi)
7. Put Ya Lightas Up Feat. Banjang Kim of Windy City (Prod. by 45 aka Swing-O)


~ by The 49ers on July 14, 2011.

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