The 49ers x ZDW!? – Soulstice (2011)

The 49ers x ZDW!?’s 1st collaboration album is now available in stores throughout Japan and online worldwide. As many already know, ZDW!? is a production unit out of Japan consisting of LEMS, Hazzy, Soundguage, & Kaede Melodii. They teamed up wit The 49ers to bring you our new collaboration album called Soulstice. Also featured on the album is Miwako providing the sounds of her flute with a soulful Japanese flavor, Vincent Cirino on the electric guitar, Assan on acoustic guitar, Acharu and Thurro with the vocals, and Nieve with the additional rap feature. We also have some DJs taking part on the album, which are our good friends DJ Slice, DJ Yasu, and DJ Mech.

To purchase the album from iTunes Japan ———-> Click Here <——————

To purchase the album from iTunes USA ————-> Click Here <——————

The track list is below!

1. Touch the Sky (feat. Acharu)
2. Summer Rain (feat. Thurro)
3. Summer of Silence (feat. Miwako)
4. The Recipe
5. Padparadscha (feat. Acharu)
6. Endless Rhymes II (feat. Nieve)
7. Let it be (feat. Acharu)
8. Next to the Ex
9. Sunday Smile
10. The Vacay
11. If I Knew Then
12. The Show’s Over
13. Cool & down


~ by The 49ers on October 11, 2011.

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