Repeat Offenders – Digital Throwback (2011)

The 49ers are featured on Digital Throwback, which is a release by SL of Repeat Offenders. The album brings you that headnod hip-hop with some lyrics on the side. Repeat Offenders are some really cool dudes who have showed The 49ers all kinds of love throughout the years…oh yeah, I also forgot to mention it’s FREE!!! Make sure you stop by their bandcamp site at Repeat Offenders and download your copy now! The album features production by Finlism, South Hill Productions, Stevie Keyz, Jae Diamondz, The Visiting, 8-bza, and Keor Meteor. Assisting SL with the lyrics are The 49ers, Pensmoke, Jadox, 8-bza, and Jay Myers.

Peep the tracklistimg:

01. No Exaggeration
02. Til The Day I Die
03. I Remember
04. Golden Age (feat. Pensmoke)
05. Board Meeting (feat. Jadox and 8-bza)
06. All Alone
07. World Go Round (feat. The 49ers)
08. Live And Direct
09. Savages
10. The Essence
11. Sick and Tired (feat. Jay Myers)
12. My Sunshine

To download your free copy visit the Digital Throwback page at


To get a quick  preview of “World Go Round,” which is the song featuring The 49ers I provided the audio below. Check it out!


~ by The 49ers on November 26, 2011.

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