SoulChef – Here & Now (2011)

Jas Mace of The 49ers is featured on Blue Bottle’s latest SoulChef release called Here & Now. The song is called “We Gon Turn It Out” and also features New Jersey native Internal Quest. The album also has a list of other great features such as Reach, Trace Blam, Ahnom, Need Not Worry, Nieve, Spycc, Ine, Noah King, Adub, Tunji, The Vox Merger, Home Brew, Thurro, and Awon.

Nothing bad to say about this album. Classic boom bap production from New Zealand’s  finest. But, would you expect anything else from SoulChef? Make sure you go and pick up a copy on Blue Bottle’s Bandcamp page or look for them on iTunes, Amazon, and anywhere else digital albums are sold.

01.Gwaan (Feat. Reach)
02.We Gon Turn it Out (Feat. Jas Mace & Internal Quest)
03.Feel Good (Feat. Ahnom, Trace Blam & Spycc)
04.How We Do (Feat. Nieve & Ine)
05.Never Been in Love Like This (Feat. Noah King, Nieve, Adub & Tunji)
06.On My Game (Feat. The Vox Merger)
07.Take (Feat. Home Brew)
08.Dreams (Feat. Need Not Worry & Ine)
09.Bless My Tongue (Feat. Thurro)
10.Only For Ent. (Feat. Awon)


~ by The 49ers on December 22, 2011.

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