Tokyo Mic Jamz – Un:unplugged (2012)

The 49ers are featuerd on Tokyo Mic Jamz (Inori & Shade) debut album called Un:unplugged. The 49ers are featured on the track called “Still Shinin’.” The 49ers first met Inori at a show they played together in Tokyo during The 49ers’ first tour of Japan in 2008. The artists continued to keep in touch and eventually recorded ‘Still Shinin'” in 2010. The song is finally seeing the light  on Shade and Inori’s collaboration – Un:unplugged.

Shade and Inori combine to bring you a taste of what is now being labeled as Neo-modern Hip-Hop by many in Japan. Both artists are emcees and producers and teamed up as Tokyo Mic Jamz. Their style is heavily influenced by Jazz, Rock, and Hip-Hop.

Check out the tracklisting below!

01. Harrtest
02. Loveless (Feat.鬼束 saLLy )
03. Art
04. J.A.P
05. Interlude
06. 和 (Feat.東雲 忠弥 )
07. Message
08. kotoha
09. Regret
10. Still Shinin’ (Feat.The 49ers )
11. Outlaw


~ by The 49ers on January 13, 2012.

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