Volta Masters – At Work 3 (2012)

The 49ers are featured on Volta Masters’ album titled At Work 3. They are featured on the first song off the album called “Don’t Stop the Music.” The album also features many Hip-Hop legends such as Tribeca, Sadat X, A.G., Ed OG, Treach, Keith Murray, Doitall, and Jaz-O. The 49ers are honored to be included on an album with such an all-star lineup. Check out the tracklisting below!

01 Don’t Stop The Music (feat. The 49ers, Natasha Remy)
02 Energy Flow Remix (feat. Random, Purple Haze)
03 Wild Style Remix (feat. A.G., Edo.G, Michael)
04 It’s A New Day (feat. Tribeca, Sierra)
05 Blue Dragon / I Who Remix (feat. Sadat X, Maylay Sparks, Keith Murray)
06 Heartless Remix (feat. L.E.G.A.C.Y.)
07 Live Your Life (feat. Muneshine)
08 Parental Advisory (feat. Sivion)
09 The Game Plan Remix (feat. Mr. Miranda, Jaz-O)
10 Lupin The 3rd Remix (feat. Steph Pockets, Michael)
11 Be Strong (feat. Mariko Gale)
12 Thank You Roots Rock Remix (feat. DOUBLE, Doitall from Lords of the Underground,Treach from Naughty By Nature)


~ by The 49ers on March 28, 2012.

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