Senpai – They Say Just Wait Till Morning (2012)

Jas Mace of The 49ers is featured on Senpai’s debut album called They Say Just Wait Till Morning. The song is called “Do You” and is co-produced by Avens. Senpai is carrying on the Jazz-Hop sound that has been gaining much momentum over the past few years. Senpai’s style is similar to taking Ryuichi Sakamoto and layering Sakamoto’s melodic piano with drums, basslines, and chopped samples to create a great Jazz-Hop embryo. The album also features the lovely voice of Kitty Wong, and additional rap vocals from Sketch Lightly and Daimyo.

I’ve also noticed a trend that you don’t see much in Hip-Hop outside of the Jazz-Hop sub-genre and that is collaborations by producers. This album also features collaborations with producers Avens, Kondor, and BAHЯ.  These types of collaborations show the unity and love that has helped propagate the Jazz-Hop genre.

Go to Senpai’s bandcamp page to get the exclusive download now! —>
They Say Just Wait Till Morning

1. New Day (ft. BAHЯ)
2. Break of Dawn
3. Let It Be (ft. Kondor)
4. City Streets (ft. Daimyo)
5. Passing Time
6. On The Water
7. Do You (ft. Jas Mace & Avens) 
8. Hanami (ft. Kitty Wong)
9. The Swing (ft. Sketch Lightly)
10. Wait Time (ft. Avens)
11. Mystical Journey (ft. Kondor)
12. Stones Over Styx
13. What’s Left Behind
14. They Say Just Wait Till Morning
15. Departure

~ by The 49ers on April 12, 2012.

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