Sounguage – Art Noise (2012)

The 49ers are featured on Sounguage’s album titled Art Noise. Sounguage is one of the featured producers in the Japanese production unit called ZDW!? The 49ers have worked with Sounguage and ZDW!? previously for the collaboration album Soulstice. In addition to The 49ers, the album features many great artists such as Acharu, Assan, LEMS, Palko, Takuma the Great, Till, Moment, and Niccy.

Listening to Art Noise it’s easy for your mind to drift away to Sounguage’s melodic beats. The album is laced with jazzy samples and Hip-Hop drums keeping true to the genre. The many features and voices keeps your attention from beginning to end. The 49ers are featured on the song called “I Want U,” but check out the entire album because it’s most definitely a keeper.

Check out the tracklisting

1. I’ll take you there (feat. Moment)
2. Little Jazz Bird
3. TKG Ya Mand Body & Soul (feat. TAKUMA THE GREAT)
4. Dart Side (feat. LEMS)
5. Flashback
6. Tell me baby (feat. Till)
7. Your (feat. ASSAN)
8. Kuroirocho (feat. NICCY)
9. Smoke in the Marmalade
10. Sepia (feat. acharu)
11. I like smile her
12. I want you (feat. The 49ers)
13. Never sleep
14. Love (feat. Palko)
15. Tomorrow


~ by The 49ers on August 22, 2012.

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