Ninety One – Golden Years (2013)

Ninety one two
The 49ers are featured on two tracks off the latest Ninety One album called Golden Years. Ninety One’s latest work released on Blue Bottle Records features many other talented emcees and does a great job instrumentally at capturing the essence of what made hip-hop so special during its golden era. Make sure you pick up the album on iTunes, Amazon, and every other online record store. Below are links to iTunes and Bandcamp for your downloading pleasure.

US iTunes ——- > Click Here To Download <———–
Bandcamp ———–> Click Here to Download <————–


1. Introduction (Feat. DJ Venum)
2. Let It Go (Feat. Nieve)
3. Don’t Push Me (Feat. The 49ers & DJ Stick’It)
4. Small Boy (Feat. Hydroponikz)
5. Days Like This (Feat. Trace Blam)
6. Fakin’ It (Feat. Awon)
7. Loser Now (Feat. Rashid Hadee & Internal Quest)
8. Cecahedron (Feat. Bliss & DJ Venum)
9. Everybody Knows (Feat. The 49ers)
10. Why I Do It (Feat. Trace Blam)
11. How Can I (Feat. KasFlow & DJ Venum)
12. Livin’ Life (Feat. F.M.G. & Cjm’s)
13.  One Up (Feat. Hydroponikz)
14. Outro (Feat. DJ Stick’It)


~ by The 49ers on February 13, 2013.

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