Noha Beats – Kosmos (2013)


Roots Society presents the debut album from New York producer Noha Beats – Kosmos. The album is mostly instrumentals with a few remixes and features. There is a remix to The 49ers x ZDW?!’s song “Recipe” on the album as well. Noha Beats provides a new feel for the track, taking a previously jazzy track and turning it into something for the east coast streets. The album is a “name your own price” download on the Roots Society Bandcamp. Make sure your check it out!

Speaking of The 49ers x ZDW?!…the two have started working on the beginnings of the next collaboration album!! Be on the look out for more news about that in the future!

To download the album click here ——-> Noha Beats Bandcamp <——-


01.Kosmos Intro
02.Stray Tune (feat. LuzID)
03.In The Physical
04.New Day Coming (feat. Pro. Soundz & Mic Check)
05.Rock And Roll (feat. Random aka Mega Ran) (NohaBeats Remix)
07.Internal Norms (feat. LuzID)
08.In Orbit
09.The Recipe (feat. The 49ers) (NohaBeats Remix)
10.May I… (feat. Pro. Soundz)
11.Sky On My Eyes
12.Vibing Out (feat. Pro. Soundz)
13.The Continuation (feat. Random aka Mega Ran) (NohaBeats Remix)
14.Eight Thousand Miles

~ by The 49ers on March 19, 2013.

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