White Rain – Love, Live, Life (2013)

white rain

The 49ers are featured on White Rain’s debut album released on Blue Bottle Records called Love, Live, Life. We first connected with White Rain on our album The World Record, so we couldn’t pass up the chance to be included on his first release. White Rain’s jazzy, yet soulful piano laced over hittin’ drums is enough keep the listeners entertained throughout the whole 14 song LP. Make sure you pick it up for Blue Bottle’s Bandcamp today. The link is below!

To download the album click here ——–> Love, Live, Life <——————-


01. Spiritual Moments 04:48
02. Lullaby 04:29
03. Exodus – (feat Marchitect) 03:43 
04. Bright Light – (feat Ine) 04:02
05. Close To You (feat Jas Mace & Waldo Black) 04:11    
06. Close to You 04:35
07. Growin (feat Hazey & Keen of WonderFlow) 04:26
08. Love Affair (intermission) 05:15
09. The Night 03:48
10. Sunshine Sakae (feat 2mo’key and M-OTO of Stilla-Mode) 04:20
11. Jazzy Night (feat Z-O) 04:19
12. Dreamlike (feat Marchitect) 05:00
13. Time Goes By (feat Lluvia De-Jazzy) 04:35
14. Beautiful Sky 05:35


~ by The 49ers on March 21, 2013.

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