Yaheard Records Presents – The Hand Out Vol. 1 (2012)

Hand out

Yaheard Records, started by The 49ers’ own Marchitect, has released a 7 track E.P. with unreleased music from The 49ers, Gentle Jones, 2mo’key, and many others. The project is called The Hand Out Vol. 1 and is a name your own price download on Yaheard.com’s Bandcamp page. Make sure you head over there and get the download for some unreleased bangers. You notice a track by a group called The Core 4. This was a group consisting of The 49ers and two of their childhood best friends The High Chief (The THC) and Frankie Friday (aka Frankito). The Core 4 (aka C4) has many songs on file ready to be unleashed on the world so stay tuned!

For Yaheard.com’s Bandcamp and download —-> Click Here <——


1. Decades – Marchitect
2. Rolling Joints with my Mama – Gentle Jones (Produced by Wrathmatics)
3. Too Hot for TV – The Core 4
4. All I Need – The 49ers & Stillamode
5. Hustler of the Year – Marchitect (feat. Pooch from Cage 1)
6. Fire – The 49ers (feat. Thurro, Stillamode, K.O. the Knockout, and DJ Yasu)
7. Mechanical Royalty – Marchitect and DJ Mech


~ by The 49ers on April 6, 2013.

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