Cult Classic Records – Friends & Family 2 (2013)


The 49ers are featured on two tracks from Cult Classic Records’ latest free download Friends and Family 2. However, you could be a good sport and contribute to the cause as it’s a name your own price download on their BandCamp page. Without your support, many of these talented artists on the underground won’t be able to keep bringing that music to love to vibe out to.

According to their BandCamp page, “this is Cult Classic Records second compilation featuring artists associated with the label (Friends) and artists signed to the label (Family). This time its a double release, Side A is Instrumental and Side B is vocal featuring both rappers and singers.”

To download the album, click on the link —-> Friends & Family 2


1.Blazo – End of The World [SIDE A]
2.Nicholas Cheung – Dat Jazz [SIDE A]
3.Jenova 7 – Sunrise [SIDE A]
4.MasterClass & BlendyCello – Still Screaming [SIDE A]
5.Ljones – Ghosts In The Machine [SIDE A]
6.Daimyo – Emotions ft. Abgohard (Thomas Prime’s Instrumental Dub) [SIDE A]
7.TwoDaystoAlaska – Beginnings [SIDE A]
8.Thomas Prime – Two Below [SIDE A]
9.Ed Lau – Slo Globe [SIDE A]
10.Yinyues – Memories [SIDE A]
11.Senpai & Thomas Prime – Battle Scar [SIDE A]
12.Breezewax – Halo [SIDE A]
13.Eddie – 10303 [SIDE A]
14.trog’low – Tokyo [SIDE A]
15.Marcus D – Soliloquy [SIDE A]
16.Bakoda – Kings & Samurai Baseball [SIDE A]
17.DJ Ezasscul – Chill [SIDE A]
18.P.R – Colours ft. Kondor [SIDE A]
19.Esbe – Reverie [SIDE A]
20.BioLogic – Hip Hop Head Count (Prod. MAARTN) [SIDE B]
21.SoulChef – On & On ft. Landon Wordswell [SIDE B]
22.KenjiiTheWise – How You Livin (Prod. Joseph Jacobs) [SIDE B]
23.Marchitect & Dr.Drumah – Got That ft. Jas Mace [SIDE B]
24.Funky DL – Clock Watchers (Thomas Prime Remix) [SIDE B]
25.Thomas Prime & Tiff The Gift – LIFE ft. Akin Yai, Awon & Dicap [SIDE B]
26.Benny Freestyles – Different Kind of High (Prod. Thomas Prime) [SIDE B]
27.Thomas Prime – The Healing ft. Landon Wordswell [SIDE B]
28.None Like Joshua – The Only Thing I Know (Prod. Tulpa) [SIDE B]
29.Daimyo – 1050 ft. Abgohard [SIDE B]
30.Thirtyseven – Rectangular Businessman (Prod. Daimyo) [SIDE B]
31.Hump Jones – No Days Off (Prod. Daimyo) [SIDE B]
32.Witness – Fingers On A Violin (Prod. Emancipator) [SIDE B]
33.Bein – Papers & Stamps (Thomas Prime Remix) [SIDE B]
34.Awon – Her (Kameleon Beats Remix) [SIDE B]
35.Shirosky – Chai Latte ft. Awon, Thomas Prime, White Rain & Mini Lee (Tom’s Mix) [SIDE B]
36.TwoDaystoAlaska – Evergreen (Thomas Prime’s Remix ft. Landon Wordswell, Jas Mace & Awon) [SIDE B]

~ by The 49ers on May 19, 2013.

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