The Presidents – We Are The Presidents (2013)

The Presidents

The 49ers are featured on a collaborative project between Bronx emcee Tribeca and Japanese producer Volta Masters. The unit is called The Presidents and the name of their debut album is called We are the Presidents. We’ve had the pleasure of working on tracks with both of these talented artists prior to this release, in fact it was Tribeca who introduced us to Volta Masters. The combination of these two artists is like an Asian-American food fusion restaurant – oh so good! The album is available in stores in Japan and online world wide. The 49ers are featured on a track called “Hip-Hop Music” and is about just that, Hip-Hop music. If you have the opportunity to get a hold of this album, don’t waste it.

Track listing

2.The Peace Sign (2Fingers)
3.My First Kiss
4.Hiphop Music feat. The 49ers
5.The Bounce
6.I Know
7.Feel It
8.Today Was A Good Day
9.Tribeca 4 Presidents (Album Mix)
10.Wants & Needs


~ by The 49ers on May 25, 2013.

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