Otokaze – Save the Flavor (2013)


The 49ers are featured on Otokaze’s debut album called Save the Flavor. The album contains three songs featuring The 49ers. “Dedication,” the first single off the album, is Jas Mace’s dedication to Japan for all their support throughout the years. Jas Mace and Otokaze recorded the video for the track two years ago when Jas Mace was in Japan touring the country promoting the ZDW!? and The 49ers collaboration album – Soulstice (The video is below).

The album is available in stores throughout Japan and online worldwide. Also featured on the album is Rhyzz and Bell, who were featured on our latest album, The World Record. ZDW!? members Miwako, LEMS, and Saico are featured on the album as well providing a nice change of pace and variety to Save the Flavor.

Track listing

1. Save the flavor Part 3 feat 心之助&Bell
2. Dedication feat Jas Mace (The 49ers)
3. 夏恋 feat Rhyzz & Bell & Jas Mace (The 49ers)
4. Dear You… feat Soul Hug
5. Autumn Breeze Flow feat Miwako
6. City Lights,City Nights feat The 49ers
7. I’m Japanese feat Asitaka
8. Saigetsu feat LEMS (ZDW!?)
9. Save the flavor Part2 feat Dee & Saico (ZDW!?)
10. Save the flavor Part3 -Insturmental version-


~ by The 49ers on June 2, 2013.

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