Otokaze – 夏恋 (Karen) Feat. Jas Mace, Rhyzz, & Bell (Official PV)

A new video by Otokaze called “夏恋,” pronounced ka.ren, and features Jas Mace of The 49ers, Rhyzz, & Bell. The video is the first single from Otokaze’s album Save the Flavor. The video is shot and directed by Sato Hiroshi, with additional camera work by our brothers from France Double Rush. The video was mostly filmed in Japan and captures the end of summer festivals that take place in Japan and the fireworks that symbolize another summer that passes. Special thanks to Nami Shibata responsible for organizing the artists and bringing the song together and TOMO, manager at Innovative Music.


~ by The 49ers on September 21, 2013.

5 Responses to “Otokaze – 夏恋 (Karen) Feat. Jas Mace, Rhyzz, & Bell (Official PV)”

  1. I really love this song, i listen to it every single day. the rap, the rhythem, the lyrics are so into my heart! love it!(^_^)*

  2. can you please post the lyric of this song? love夏恋(^_^)*

    • Thanks Annie! I thought it was already posted. haha. I will try to get it posted in a few days. I just have to contact the other artists. (^^) I’ll let you know when it’s posted! – Jas

    • Hello Annie. The lyrics for Karen is in the The 49ers Lyric Book page now. Thanks again for all your support.

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