Soul Chef – Classics (2013)

Soul Chef Classics

Our homie SoulChef has released a new album on Goon Trax Records called Classics. That album includes all his “classic” tracks that were released on Goon Trax. We can’t say all his Classics because the tracklist is limited to Goon Trax releases, but the album is without a doubt a nice collection of his work. The 49ers are featured on two tracks off the album: “Blind Man See” by The 49ers and “Frankie Valli” by The Outfit. Make sure you stop by Amazon or iTunes to download your copy.


1. Eyes Like Blue Skies (feat. Need Not Worry)
2. Franki Valli (feat. The Outfit)
3. Drifting In A Daydream (feat. Need Not Worry)
4. When I Close My Eyes (feat. Tunji)
5. Bad Bad Whiskey (feat. Home Brew)
6. California (feat. Nieve & Tunji)
7. Breathless (feat. Hy-Definition)
8. Tonight (feat. Deep Foundation & Ashley Robles)
9. How We Do (feat. Nieve & Ine)
10. Say Somethin’ (feat. Nieve, Noah King, Adub, & Tunji)
11. Proud of Me (feat. Nieve & Marie)
12. Dreams (feat. Need Not Worry & Ine)
13. Hope (Marie, Nieve, & Noah King)
14. Never Been in Love Like This (feat. Noah King, Nieve, Adub, & Tunji)
15. Blind Man See (feat. The 49ers)
16. Sentimentally Madd (feat. Need Not Worry)


~ by The 49ers on December 7, 2013.

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