Avens – Art of Peace (2013)


The 49ers are featured on Avens’ new album called Art of Peace. Also featured on the album is Don Cerino, Jo Well, Leyone Tracks, Hydroponikz, Ine, Nieve, JonWonder, Thomas Prime, and Bahr. The album is available on iTunes, Bandcamp, and in stores throughout Japan. Head over to his Bandcamp page and get your download NOW!

Avens Bandcamp page ——> Click Here <—–


01. Deep Down (Feat. Don Cerino)
02. Mind Blown (Feat. Jo Well)
03. Almost Like Living (Feat. Leyone Tracks)
04. The Storm (Feat. Hydroponikz & Ine)
05. Done Me Wrong (Feat. The 49ers)
06. The Present (Feat. Marchitect)
07. Art Of Peace (Feat. Jas Mace & JonWonder)
08. Just Another Song (Feat. Nieve)
09. Forgiveness (Feat. Thomas Prime)
10. Conscious Life
11. Free Mind
12. Forward Steps
13. Soul Mates
14. Wake Up (Feat. Bahr)
15. End of Story


~ by The 49ers on December 10, 2013.

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