Illusionist – The Uplift (2013)

The Uplift

The 49ers are featured on Illusionist’s debut album called The Uplift. Awon and The 49ers finally have a chance to link up together on a track called “Fresh Rhymes.” Illusionist brings some headnod beats for the featured artists on this producer album. The album is short and sweet with only 7 tracks, but provides much replay value. Did I forget to mention it’s a FREE release?

To download for free visit Illusionist’s Bandcamp page —-> Click Here <—-


1. Don’t You Doubt Me (feat. Nieve & Dj Nasa)
2. Fresh Rhymes (feat. The 49ers & Awon)
3. Tomorrow Not Guaranteed (feat. windchILL & Dj Nasa)
4. Easy Does It (feat. Tiff The Gift)
5. I Need You (feat. Noah King)
6. Assassin’s Creed (feat. Awon)
7. Devil’s Shoulder (feat. KRBL Rebel Radio)


~ by The 49ers on December 12, 2013.

One Response to “Illusionist – The Uplift (2013)”

  1. WindchILL on the same CD as The 49ers, it really is a small world isn’t it

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