2mo’key – Pieces of the World (2014)


The 49ers are featured on 2mo’key’s latest album called Pieces of the World. The 49ers and 2mo’key have collaborated together many times in the past and this is just a continuation of their mutual respect and love for music. The 49ers are featured on “We Got Soul” and “Backwords.” The last time The 49ers and 2mo’key kicked it in Japan they recorded a video for “Backwords,” which is available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube (and below). Also featured on the album is Steph Pockets and Seilen with production by DJ Ezasscul, Avens, Thomas Prime, Soulchef, and DJ Kawauso among others. This is authentic Hip-Hop with a Japanese orator. Make sure you check it out!


1. Pieces of the World – Into
2. Wake Up
3. We Got Soul (feat. The 49ers)
4. Music (feat. Steph Pockets)
5. The Light
6. Brand New Day
7. ナツノセイ
8. Love for Life
9. コーヒーにはシュガーを
10. Summer Jam (feat. Seilen)
11. Friday Night Blues
12. Backwords (feat. The 49ers)


~ by The 49ers on December 10, 2014.

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