SoulChef – Good Vibes (2015)


The 49ers are featured on SoulChef’s new album Good Vibes. The song is called “The Picture” and is about reliving our relationship memories through the pictures of our past. The album also has a lot of great features and falls inline with the traditional bangers brought to you by the Chef.

Purchase the album on iTunes here —> Good Vibes <—


I Won’t Follow You (Feat. Nieve)
Luck Turns (Feat. Blezz)
Pause (Feat. Akin Yai)
Summer Rain (Feat. Chima Anya)
Sunrise 2 Sunset (Feat. Internal Quest & DJ Venom)
What a Dream Remix (Feat. Nieve)
The Seance (Feat. Croosh)
Ride With Us (Feat. Noah King)
After the Rain
Woke Up Making Money (Feat. Declaime)
For My People (Feat. Awon)
The Picture (Feat. The 49ers & Nina Kanda)
Sky High (Feat. Chima Anya)
Keep It Real (Feat. Hydroponikz)
Gonna Get It (Feat. Nieve)


~ by The 49ers on October 3, 2015.

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